Leading Construction Lawyers International Alliance

Founding Firms

The Leading Construction Lawyers (LCL) International Alliance was founded in 2020 by a group of select, preeminent law firms in multiple jurisdictions around the globe, each of which is dedicated to the Construction & Infrastructure sector. Witnessing the need for a robust offering to serve the increasing demands and challenges faced by the contracting community and other industry participants – particularly as many continue to expand beyond national borders – the LCL International Alliance’s Founding Partners determined to form the Alliance to serve the growing needs of the broader industry.

The Founding Firms, Breyer Rechtsanwälte (Germany), Peckar & Abramson, PC (United States), Altana Law (France), and PS Consulting (France) have collectively shared their experience and insights for years prior to forming the Alliance, and have long engaged in discussions of topics related to construction and infrastructure law as well as those more practical and project-related. Following the formal establishment of the Alliance earlier this year, the LCL International Alliance now invites the Construction & Infrastructure community to share in this collaboration and knowledge base.

Our Alliance Partners are eager to engage in dialog with industry participants, students, educators, industry organizations, and the media. We invite you to attend our programs, read our content, follow us on social media, and contact us.

Contact our Alliance Partners:

Altana Law
Christophe Lapp
François Muller

Breyer Rechtsanwälte
Dr. jur. Wolfgang Breyer
Erlmest E. Burns, III

Peckar & Abramson, P.C.
Steven M. Charney
Denis Serkin

PS Consulting
James Perry
Guillaume Sauvaget

Peckar Abramson
Ps Consulting